Bario | Pendant light - Smart, LED & Modular.

Bario | Pendant light - Smart, LED & Modular.

The Italian design pendant light Bario is extremely flexible: individually or in groups. Experiment and have fun creating new compositions.

The pendant lamp Bario, thanks to its minimalist design, enlight your spaces in an innovative and personalized way. You can experiment and have fun designing your space with light.

The opal plexiglass diffuser spreads the light at 360 degrees, illuminating the surrounding environment evenly.

The structure is in black plastic, equipped with two steel tie rods for ceiling mounting and comes with transparent power cable.

The power supply is external and can be positioned in the false ceiling or, alternatively, inside a canopy kit that can be purchased separately as an accessory.

An extremely flexible lamp, which stimulates the installer's creativity: it can be used individually but it also perfecly fits into customized compositions, even in large rooms.

Bario is available in warm white, cool white and RGB versions. Thanks to our powerful APP, it is able to project one color or more colors at the same time, creating lights effects, making it suitable also for particular environments such as bars, shops and exhibitions.

Thanks to the LED technology, consumption is significantly reduced while maintaining a very high light output.
IP Grade:
IP20 (internal use only)
Operating T°
from -20 °C to +40 °C
50.000 hours
Light color:
warm white (3000°K) - cool white (5000°K) - RGB
plastic and plexiglass
Ø30mm length 340 | 740 | 1040mm
Fixture Color:
transparent 1.2m
Tie rods
stainless steel 1m
opal white
illunaluce made in Italy
All Illunaluce lamps can be managed with the APP and can be integrated into the Smart Home Ecosystem.
Download the APP for free from App Store and Google Play.

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