Set. Turn on. Enjoy your home.

The right atmosphere.
Just a click away.
Whoever you are and whatever your home looks like is for you.
We heavily focused on lighting to give you the right atmosphere, everytime. Without necessarily having to replace your lamps, allows you to control through your traditional switches, our portable buttons or the APP every light fixture. You can organize your lamps into groups or you can even create entire scenarios that allow you to quickly recall the perfect situation in just one click.

Do not add any boundaries to your imagination, with, you can do what just pop up in your mind in no time.

With you can ..
  • Turn on the lights wherever you are.
  • Enhance your non-smart switches, without changing them.
  • Add new control points without making any masonry intervention.
  • Control your lights even from the office.
  • Control multiple lights at the same time.
  • Create entire scenarios and recall the perfect ambiance in just one click.
With an module and our APP you will be ready to start. APP
A single APP for your entire home
illunaluce x
Our powerful APP, available for iOS and Android, allows you to manage, configure and program all your modules.

Turn on, off, dim and change color to all your controlled light sources. Individually or in group.
Create scenarios and have fun coloring your home.
Which solution fits better for me? offers different solutions
I want to keep my existing switches (one-way, intermediate, 3-way ...) by making them smart.
You'll need to use a combination of " Switch Relay", " Switch" and the related power supplies.
I want to switch to the touch version of by replacing my switches (one-way, intermediate, 3-way ...).
You'll need to use a combination of " Touch Relay", " Touch" and the related power supplies.
These are just the most common configurations, but feel freee to combine them and/or integrate them with other modules, such as the battery powered buttons that allow you to create additional light points without the hassle of extra masonry work.
Ok, you sold it ... what next?
I want to buy the modules directly online
I already have my trusted professional is easy to install
I want a certified electrician to install it
which will issue the declaration of conformity
Rely on a professional
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