At your fingertips. Anywhere you want.

Easy to add. Where do you expect them.
Add new control points without any extra masonry work.
Have fun creating new control points without the need for additional cables and invasive interventions.

Use it like a remote from your sofa.
Powerful but tireless: 100.000 clicks on a single charge.

You can also quickly recall scenarios and actions on groups of ezon.io modules

With ezon.io you can ..
  • Add new control points.
  • Adjust light intensity
  • Recall scenarios.
Add control points where it was previously unthinkable.
illunaluce x ezon.io
ezon.io APP
A single APP for all your home
illunaluce x ezon.io
Our powerful APP, available for iOS and Android, give you the ability to manage, configure and program all you ezon.io modules.

Add and configure new control points directly from our APP.
I want to buy the ezon.io modules directly online
I already have my trusted professional
ezon.io is easy to install
I want a certified electrician to install it
which will issue the declaration of conformity
Rely on a professional
via G. B. Stucchi 62/4
20900 Monza - MB
P.Iva IT 02427970963
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