Smart sockets

Smart. Invisible. Programmable.

Your sockets. Now smart.
Solve everyday problems. Simplify your tasks.
Never use again hard to hide, bulky external devices that clutter your room.

The modules are meant to be hidden behind your existing electrical socket. Without any extra masonry work.

With you can ..
  • Manage your sockets.
  • Define status based on hour and day of the week.
  • Turn on or off household appliances remotely.
  • Disable unnecessary sockets. is meant to be placed behind your socket, so it's compatible all over the world. APP
A single APP for all your home
illunaluce x
La nostra potentissima APP, disponibile per iOS e Android, ti permette di gestire, configurare e programmare tutti i tuoi moduli

Gestisci le tue prese, anche con funzionamento orario direttamente da un'unica APP.
I want to buy the modules directly online
I already have my trusted professional is easy to install
I want a certified electrician to install it
which will issue the declaration of conformity
Rely on a professional
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